Getting a job means getting past the computer Little wonder that most large firms use a computer program, or algorithm, when it comes to screening candidates seeking junior jobs. And that means applicants would benefit from knowing exactly what the algorithms are looking for.

Upgrade your inbox and get our Daily Dispatch and Editor’s Picks. Victoria McLean is a former banking headhunter and recruitment manager who set up a business called City CV, which helps job candidates with applications.

She says the applicant-tracking systems (ATS) reject up to 75% of CVs, or résumés, before a human sees them. Such systems are hunting for keywords that meet the employer’s criteria.

One tip is to study the language used in the job advertisement; if the initials PM are used for project management, then make sure PM appears in your CV. This means that a generic CV may fall at the first hurdle.

Ms McLean had a client who had been a senior member of the armed forces. His experience pointed to potential jobs in training and education, procurement or defence sales. Read more from…

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