A prominent feature in science fiction over the years has been artificial intelligence. Since the earliest days of computing, scientists and other thinkers have been fascinated by the notion of creating a machine capable of replicating the human brain.

It used to be thought that the analogy of the human brain is like a computer ran deep. However, we now know that the picture is much more complicated, the way that the brain works goes beyond a simple computer.

We still do not fully understand how consciousness arises in the human brain, and there is still much debate surrounding whether consciousness can be separated from advanced intelligence. But artificial intelligence need not be this complex; we see far simpler examples of what we might describe as artificial intelligence on a regular basis.

The voice assistants pre-installed on every modern smartphone are just one example and now these same AIs are being integrated into alarm clocks and speakers so that they can be used to control a variety of smart devices around the home. Artificial intelligence is increasingly finding its way into industrial and manufacturing contexts.

There are even AIs being used to conduct high-frequency trading on the stock market. AIs are now everywhere, meaning that it is becoming easy to forget just how amazingly complex they are. Read more from interestingengineering.com…

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