The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. The series: We look at decision makers among Canada’s mid-sized companies who took successful action in a competitive global digital economy.

Angela Payne, general manager at Monster Canada, says it’s very hard to look at your own résumé and put yourself in the best light, adding it’s easier when another set of eyes can do that for you, even virtual ones. “The job search is hard,” says Angela Payne, general manager at Monster Canada.

“It’s difficult and nobody really loves the process. It can be very lonely, so it’s imperative that organizations like us can help make it as seamless as possible.” For the past couple of years, at Monster Canada’s headquarters in Montreal, the company has been preparing for a massive technological change in the recruitment industry.

As a result, artificial intelligence and algorithms now allow job seekers to apply for positions with a swipe of a finger. advertisement With 7,900 jobs searched for and 2,900 positions viewed every minute on its worldwide network, Monster looked at where candidates go, how they search, and how social media is involved in the job-seeking process to help engineer its new technology.

When the global online job recruitment company was acquired two years ago by Randstad, a Dutch human resources firm, it signalled the start of a “new path” for the company, Ms. Payne says. That involved boosting its search algorithms by harnessing semantic search capability, which looks not only at keywords but also at the contextual use of those words to hone in on more suitable openings. Read more from…

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