Mumbai-based Autoplant System has developed an end-to-end cloud platform that uses emerging technologies like machine learning, Big Data and IoT to automate various processes in the supply chain. Founders: Venky Nayar, Hiten Varia, Suresh Sachdev, Uma Rajan, and Prabhu Natarajan The problem it solves: End-to-end I0T-enabled supply chain tracking The logistics sector in India is riddled with multiple challenges and inefficiencies, most of which could be overcome with technology solutions.

Or so believed the five founders of Autoplant System while they carried out pilots for top chemical and cement companies in India in the early 2010s. The Autoplant Co-founders — Venky Nayar, Hiten Varia, Suresh Sachdev, Uma Rajan, and Prabhu Natarajan — had been colleagues at i2 Technologies, a full-service supply chain management company in the US.

Each had 12-15 years of experience in demand forecasting, manufacturing planning, warehousing and trucking solutions, and so on. They moved back to India in 2012 to fill the gaps in the logistics sector at a time when tech adoption wasn’t mainstream.

Possibly only a mobile app and GPS tracking had reached suppliers and truckers. But, most individual truck owners – nearly 90 percent of India’s trucking sector – weren’t using it.

“A company could have been shipping 10,000 tonnes and still have no idea where the trucks were. There was zero live tracking, live visibility and live decision-making,” Autoplant System Co-Founder and Head of Product Venky Nayar tells YourStory. Read more from…

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