It’s about artificial intelligence, data, and things like quantum computing and nanotechnology. Australian National University’s 3A Institute is creating a new discipline to manage this revolution and its impact on humanity.

By Stilgherrian

| August 13, 2018 — 04:42 GMT (21:42 PDT)

| Topic: Innovation Diagrams explaining the fourth industrial revolution, like this one by Christoph Roser, are OK as far as they go. Apart from the term “cyber physical systems”.

Ugh. What they mean is that physical systems are becoming digital.

Think of the Internet of Things (IoT) supercharged by artificial intelligence (AI). But according to Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, these diagrams are missing something rather important: Humans and their social structures.

“Now for those of us who’ve come out of the social sciences and humanities, this is an excellent chart because of the work it does in tidying up history,” Bell said in her lecture at the Trinity Long Room Hub at Trinity College Dublin in July. “It doesn’t help if what you want to think about was what else was going on. Read more from…

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