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Rayomand Engineer

December 26, 2017, 4:28 pm Support our endeavor to become every Indian’s source of daily inspiring positive news. All across the globe, countries have been building up Artifical Intelligence capabilities due to the possibility that AI could completely transform the nature of work and create better outcomes for businesses and society.

An Accenture report estimates that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to add $957 billion, or 15% of current gross value, to India’s economy, by 2035. The report outlines how India can benefit from AI.

According to the report, AI can be used to:- 1) Mobilise intelligent automation, and automate complex physical world tasks. 2) Empower existing workforces and complement their skills and talent.

3) Drive innovation, with AI being used for broad structural economic transformation. Flipkart, India’s top e-commerce player, is already tapping into AI, using the technology in operations ranging from conversational search, visual similarity, better last-mile delivery, fraud-detection, personalisation to warehousing.

The technology is expected to help Flipkart serve its existing customers better, and attract new ones as well. The emphasis and importance given to AI is rather one-sided, reports the Financial Express. Read more from…

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