We notice you’re visiting us from a region where we have a local version of Inc.com. Every discussion about artificial intelligence seems to alternate between utopia and dystopia.

Some believe that the productivity unleashed through automation will lift up all of society, creating a world of superabundance and more meaningful work, while others see robots taking our jobs and an acceleration of trends favoring capital over labor. In fact, in an article in Harvard Business Review, Accenture’s Mark Knickrehm describes five distinct schools of thought, ranging from both extremes to various shades of gray in between.

He suggests that leaders need to reinvent operating models, redefine jobs and include employees in the process of transformation. Yet that’s easier said than done.

Experienced leaders know that even small, subtle changes can sometimes result in a backlash. Preparing your organization to leverage artificial intelligence has can be especially problematic because the most profound problems are intensely human.

Gandhi, although he was no tech enthusiast, can be a good guide on where to start. Gandhi, by all accounts, was a brilliant tactician and strategist. Read more from inc.com…

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