“The problem we are trying to solve is not really a big one,” says Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Dubai-headquartered software company Flytxt. “It is something you saw in the old mom-and-pop stores.

They knew their customers personally, they knew when they’d come and they knew what they’d buy. If there was any deviation, they’d know something was wrong or something had changed.

This is very useful data. What we’re doing is we’re trying to build intelligence into a machine to help companies make sense of exactly this kind of data – and then make better use of it.” The product Vasudevan has helped develop to achieve this is NEON-dX, a software solution now on its third iteration that utilises artificial intelligence to process customer data – mainly for the telecom, high-tech media entertainment and financial services sectors – to enable customer service and marketing teams to increase sales and improve customer retention.

His ledger of satisfied clients includes Vodafone India, the second largest telco in the world, and African giant MTN, whose subscriber base is more than 230 million across the continent. What these companies have, he says, is a lot of data that, once analysed, can be used to make strategic decisions about the products and services each individual customer can be offered at every single customer interaction – whether in-store, via the chatbot, the call centre or the app.

This is not, Vasudevan insists, simply programmatic ad-serving that reflects recent activity. What we’re trying to do is build intelligence into a machine to help companies make sense of its data” “Take a self-driving car,” he says by way of analogy. Read more from arabianbusiness.com…

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