Summary: A new article considers if it will be possible for artificial intelligence to mimic free will. Yet scientists can tell you that you are made up of atoms and molecules and that they are governed by the laws of physics.

Fundamentally, then – in terms of atoms and molecules – we can predict the future for any given starting point. This seems to leave no room for free will, alternative actions or decisions.

Imagine you are on stage, facing two envelopes. You are told that one has £100 inside and the other is empty.

You have a free choice to pick one – yet every time the magician wins, and you pick the empty one. This implies that our sense of free will is not quite as reliable as we think it is – or at least that it’s subject to manipulation, if it is there.

This is just one of a wide variety of examples that question our awareness of our own decision making processes. Evidence from psychology, sociology and even neuroscience all give the same message that we are unaware of how we make decisions. Read more from…

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