In a world where our tech-packed infotainment systems are causing more accidents, smartphone-derived personal assistants are coming to the rescue to make staying connected safer and easier. They can aid your driving habits or just send a text to a friend, all without you taking your eyes off the road.

Hyundai and SoundHound Inc. are teaming up to develop the Intelligent Personal Agent, a voice-controlled AI assistant that will seemingly do everything. The IPA is a proactive assistant, meaning it will predict your needs and relay the relevant information back to you.

The Intelligent Personal Agent builds on Hyundai Blue Link with the new Car-to-Home service,  allowing drivers to control their household appliances with voice commands, even when they aren’t home. Don’t worry though, the assistant can still perform simple tasks in your Hyundai to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Commands include checking the weather, sending text messages, making phone calls, locking/unlocking doors, setting destinations, managing schedules, and searching for/playing music. Read more from…

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