A lot of the time, video game names sound like they were generated by a machine. So, I decided to see if I could teach a neural network to name a game.

It occured to me that maybe us humans are just out of ideas, so, with the help of Deadspin’s Tim Burke, I fed 1200 game names to a neural network in order to make up a few new game names. Burke told me that usually you train a neural network on a much larger dataset, but when he tried he came up with mostly weird Tom Clancy names like Tom Clancy’s Tomb Roids or Tom Clancy’s Legends: The Hag.

I wanted to generate some names that sounded like you could grab them off the shelf right now, so I used a dataset consisting of all of the English language releases for the XBox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U from the consoles’ releases to around June, 2017. Some of the results sounded like they were real games; others not so much.

Most interestingly, there were a lot of sequels in the generated results. The Dead Charter 2 sounds like it could be one of the many pirate-y games that are coming out this year.

I am also very curious about what happened in the first Call of the Marder. “War” also showed up a lot in these names, as well as “Heroes” and “Battles.” Tank Wars is an actual game, but it was not in the dataset that was fed to the neural network. Read more from kotaku.com…

thumbnail courtesy of kotaku.com