2018-05-26 20:16:07 IBM Research has introducing IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, a new technology that brings innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and optical imaging together to help prove the identity and authenticity of objects.  All objects and substances have their own unique optical patterns, sometimes undetectable by the human eye, that differentiate them from each other. These patterns can distinguish an organic ear of corn from a genetically modified one, or identify impurities in diamonds, for example.

Optical characteristics can be measured using light spectrometers, an instrument used to measure properties of light, but they are quite bulky and expensive, limiting their utility. IBM Research recently developed a powerful, portable optical analyzer, small enough to use with a cell phone camera.

AI and machine learning techniques including neural networks and video analytics can play an important role in recognizing the optical characteristics of a substance, liquid or object including its color, motion, viscosity and hue saturation. Models are trained with this data so they can predict the material or constituents of a substance they’re presented with.

The power of IBM’s invention is that it pairs the imaging tool with software that takes advantage of the computing capabilities of smart phones. The software combines AI trained on optical signatures with image-processing techniques. Together they form IBM’s Crypto Anchor Verifier, technology that can scan a substance or object to capture its optical pattern.

This paves the way for any number of consumer or enterprise applications. Examples include: •  Identifying the unique make-up of substances such as motor and cooking oils
•  Confirming the authenticity of life-saving medicine
•  Analyzing water quality
•  Spotting counterfeits, including money, by analyzing lithographic print patterns and paper weaves
•  Detecting cells, DNA sequences or bacteria such as E. coli
•  Classifying grain by region of origin or genetic modification status IBM says the technology is a natural partner to blockchain technology, an immutable digital ledger that records transactions in a public or private peer-to-peer network. Read more from…

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