Reliance has been going all out when it comes to AI and its implications for the future. Under the leadership of Akash Ambani, Reliance is making strides in AI this year.

The young leader is hiring the brightest minds in the country to create an area of excellence that can impact the telecom market in a huge way. The team at Reliance is also looking at applications under machine learning and blockchain so that the company can benefit from its potential.

The company is taking advantage of the multi-billion-dollar opportunity that lies in the AI space in India. With major software companies working on this, Reliance is hoping to convert AI into a B2B business as well.

“Globally, Artificial Intelligence is becoming one of the mainstream technologies and voice assistance, recognition and command are growing on a daily basis in terms of usage,” Akash Ambani is quoted as saying. What started as a business decision last year, emerged as a clear product for B2B side of the brand.

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