For as long as I can remember, those have been the only two choices a gamer could count on. Yes, I know AMD bought ATI a while back, but it’s always been Green vs Red.

Then Intel’s Blue announced it was joining the fray late last year, finally enabling RGB gaming on a corporate level. At the time, it wasn’t clear when that would happen, but Intel now says we could see a discrete GPU in blue as soon as 2020.

According to a MarketWatch report, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Disclosed the timeline during an analyst event last week; Intel then confirmed the timing with a simple tweet. Intel first announced its intention to enter the dedicated GPU market when it hired Raja Koduri, who used to lead graphics at AMD.

Before that, he worked on graphics at Apple, helping create the transition to Retina displays. At the time of hiring, Intel said: …under Koduri’s leadership, the company will unify and expand differentiated IP across computing, graphics, media, imaging and machine intelligence capabilities for the client and data center segments, artificial intelligence, and emerging opportunities like edge computing.

That makes it clear that Intel isn’t just doing this for gaming; GPUs are powerful for machine learning and artificial intelligence. But even Nvidia no longer makes most of its money from gaming. Read more from…

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