Olay, the global skincare brand, thinks so It might sound unlikely that the answer to all your skincare questions is a selfie, but artificial intelligence is increasingly making that a possibility for women looking to improve their skin. Skin analysis applications that use AI-technology, like Olay’s Skin Advisor, can provide you with a skin assessment in the click of a (camera) button, by analysing a picture of your face, alongside a short questionnaire about your skin concerns.

This analysis can help take some of the guess work out of your skincare choices, by highlighting the areas of your face you may want to focus on (for example, smile lines or forehead wrinkles) and the perceived age and quality of your skin. Most applications also recommend targeted skincare products that might be suitable for you, cutting out some of the trial and error of searching a crowded beauty hall.

Olay have dubbed their web-based platform a “personal at-home beauty advisor” and the process is certainly accessible, with most of the online and app-based programs that use AI-technology available completely free and on-the-go. This makes them an effective tool for consumers who are looking to be increasingly information rich without becoming cash poor, by being as informed as possible when spending their money on skincare products.

A post shared by Olay UK (@olayuk) on May 4, 2017 at 9:56am PDT “AI is increasingly playing a greater role in the beauty industry, as consumers seek to navigate the millions of products available and to find the personalised skincare choices which are right for them”, explains Dr Frauke Neuser, principal scientist and associate director for scientific communications at Olay. “Over 3.8 million women globally have been reached by Olay Skin Advisor since its global launch in September 2016; this tells us that the introduction of a platform which gives an objective assessment of their skin and helps to remove confusion in the skincare aisle was very much needed and welcomed by women.”

Of course, AI-technology in the skincare industry is not yet an exact science. As with any selfie, the level of lighting and make-up you are wearing will affect your results and it’s not yet possible to scan the whole beauty industry for a completely personalised regime. Read more from harpersbazaar.com…

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