Posted: Apr 23, 2018 05:14 PM EDT CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (WPRI) — Some grocery stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are using artificial intelligence to catch shoplifters.

The technology, called Stoplift, analyzes security video to automatically detect theft or errors at the checkout, according to Malay Kundu, the creator of Stoplift. “It can actually tell what you’ve handled versus what you’ve rung up,” Kundu said.

The Cambridge businessman used to develop real-time facial recognition systems to look for terrorists in airports. He realized similar technology could be used at the checkout to tackle a $13 billion per-year problem for grocery stores in the United States.

“For every item that is stolen, they have to sell 50 more just to make up for that one item that was lost,” Kundu said. “As you can imagine, that’s really, very difficult for the retailer.”

When cashiers are in on it, Kundu calls it “sweethearting.” “It happens where a cashier is hooking up their friends, family, fellow employee with stuff for free simply by not scanning it,” he said. Read more from…

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