We’ve been talking a lot about machine learning lately. People are using it for speech generation and recognition, computer vision, and even classifying radio signals.

If you’ve yet to climb the learning curve, you might be interested in a new free class from Google using TensorFlow. Of course, we’ve covered tutorials for TensorFlow before, but this is structured as a 15 hour class with 25 lessons and 40 exercises.

Of course, it is also from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Google says the class will answer questions like: Google says you should be adept at intro level algebra and that higher math could be helpful, although not essential.

You should also know something about programming with some familiarity in Python. The exercises run in your browser, so you don’t need any exotic set up.

There are also a few tools that have suggested tutorials if you aren’t up to speed on them already. For example, the pandas library and bash are included in that list. Read more from hackaday.com…

thumbnail courtesy of hackaday.com