Ravi Kaklasaria and Peeush Bajpai launched SpringPeople to offer high-quality training to enterprises. A decade ago, IT companies struggled to find vendors to deliver reliable, objective-driven training.

Most companies, thus, kept the training processes in-house, and the sector was dominated by unorganised players and trainer agents. To offer enterprises high-quality training, Ravi Kaklasaria, 41, and Peeush Bajpai, 42, launched SpringPeople in 2009.

The objective was to offer professionals an opportunity to learn from experts, and help build organisational capability by making the workforce efficient. Today, the company claims to be the biggest enterprise IT training provider in India.

SpringPeople is based in Bengaluru, and has offices in the NCR region and the UK. Companies partner with SpringPeople for training process outsourcing, project-based training, and team training.

It has a delivery, outcome, and results-based payment model. The company seeks to first understand a company’s requirement before training them. Read more from yourstory.com…

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