We believe every person must have the right to know about his own data and the power to decide how it is used. During the research phase we looked at different aspects of data such as, Technology, Internet User Types, Benchmarks, Legislation, Economics of Data and Threats to understand how the digital driven environment works.

Through our research, we got a lot of insights, pain points and related technologies of data. After that, we synthesized all these information.

Data influences many areas of our society. We decided to work on the scenario from User’s point of view because as designers we see the biggest potential in shaping our digital future through improving personal interaction with data.

We summarized the most important findings of the research in 16 Top findings. We design our products from the perspective of a startup company.

In addition to the product design, we also did a business plan. Our products will be implemented in 2025 because artificial intelligence as the underlying technology is needed to support our service. Read more from designawards.core77.com…

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