At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the future has a mind of its own: artificial intelligence. AI has been both the dream of scientists and the protagonist of science-fiction novels.

And MIT seeks to explore further into this phenomenon through their new project, Intelligence Quest. Intelligence Quest seeks to “discover the foundations of human intelligence and drive the development of technological tools that can positively influence virtually every aspect of society,” according to their website.

Announced earlier this month, the initiative is the latest research project from a university considered a pioneer in the field of technological advancement. The project’s origins lie in “the faculty’s interest in two interrelated areas,” said James DiCarlo, head of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.

These questions make up Intelligence Quest’s two halves. “The Core” is the “intersection of human and machine intelligence” while “The Bridge” will focus on trying to expand the impact of existing algorithms, DiCarlo said.

Chad Galts, the director of communications at MIT’s School of Engineering, said Intelligence Quest’s venture could result in deeper insight into human intelligence. “Some of [Intelligence Quest’s] advances may be foundational in nature, involving new insight into human intelligence, and new methods to allow machines to learn effectively,” Galts wrote in an email. Read more from…

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