CAPTCHA is security system created and developed to prevent Bots from accessing websites. This security system allows users to prove to be human by recognizing some patterns, distorted type in text or signs which are impossible for machines to complete correctly.

This method becomes super successful to overcome the spam and bots from visiting and accessing the data or website. It’s a highly secured and advance way where different questions has been asked my AI to identify the real humans, and don’t allow the bots for visiting sites.

But, as we know nothing is a permanent solution. A lot of research in the past had proved to beat the CAPTCHA security system.

Finally, researchers came up with Artificial Intelligence method to crack CAPTCHA. Researchers used neural networks to learn what a CAPTCHA was and then to foil systems that used them.

This is made to identify humans and give them permission to access the site, CAPTCHA is programmed for the same purpose. However, cracking CAPTCHA was a difficult task as it required the system to crunch millions of examples to be proficient. Read more from…

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