Published: Mar 23, 2018 5:07 a.m. ET As AI becomes better at forging video and audio, it will be difficult to distinguish fabrications from real events Modern artificial intelligence is way beyond playing chess; it has mastered Go and kicks butt in Dota 2, among other games. What started as a test-lab monkey has evolved into something akin to a prodigy child.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, may still have to be fed information, but once it has gathered enough, it can come up with results that mimic the original data. First came the static images — AI managed to create perfectly convincing images of people who have never existed.

Then it showed it was perfectly capable of mimicking different seasons. So we have locations that can be photo-manipulated and non-existent people who can populate them.

All we need now is for AI to figure out how to put real people in fake situations and voila! — a perfect recipe for generating fake news.

Well, that has already been already done. Take, for example, this video: Using audio of former President Barack Obama, researchers from Washington University synthesized a high-quality fake speech with accurate lip-syncing, composited into a target video clip. Read more from…

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