Qure.ai, a startup founded in 2016, has unveiled an AI-powered technology that can pinpoint anomalies like bleeds and fractures in head CT scans. When a patient has head trauma, a CT scan is one of the first tests he or she undergoes.

Though time is critical in these situations, a radiologist may not be able to read the scan fast enough. Qure.ai seeks to speed up the process by leveraging artificial intelligence to screen CT scans in under 10 seconds to find any abnormalities.

In a phone interview, Prashant Warier, cofounder and CEO of Qure.ai, outlined a few use cases for the technology. For one, it has relevance in the emergency care setting and can help prioritize certain cases.

The startup’s tool can serve as a reviewer as well; in other words, it can measure the accuracy of a scan that has already been analyzed. Qure.ai also released the results of a study that took a closer look at its new artificial intelligence technology.

To train the AI, the company utilized 313,318 anonymized head CT scans and their clinical reports. Then, 21,095 of the scans were used to validate the AI algorithms. Plus, the tech’s readings of 491 CT scans were compared to the readings of three radiologists, one of whom was from Mayo Clinic. Read more from medcitynews.com…

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