Add the following snippet to your HTML: SeeTalker tells you what it sees with the help of a Raspberry Pi computer, Microsoft image recognition and Alexa Ask SeeTalker to tell you what it sees! The SeeTalker Alexa skill will snap a photo of what it sees and then call a Microsoft Cognitive Services API to interpret the image.

Alexa gives a voice to the image recognition, telling you what it sees. SeeTalker can also take a group selfie using an Alexa command.

Learning opportunities from SeeTalker: I created this project to learn. I have a personal strech goal to create a micro sized, smart drone and wanted to focus on the “smart” part in this project.

I came into the project with a dormant programming background (C++ on Windows), but little to no experience with web development, Python, the Raspberry Pi and Linux. Persistence helped.

SeeTalker was developed with a lot of Googling for code examples, hacking the code and learning along the way. There never is a single source for everything one wants to do, so I want to share credit with the many people who have posted code that I used in this project (see Credits). Read more from…

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