Really the only explanation for Andrew Bolt’s remarkable (quantity, not quality) output is that he’s a big ol’ android. Say what you like about the work of Andrew Bolt, but there’s an awful lot of it about.

Forget, for a moment, the product of the man’s labour and marvel only at his capacity to produce. We needn’t hold with the ABC view that Bolt “clearly has a great intellect” to freely applaud his true genius: staying awake.

We may think poorly of his regular columns, frequent radio broadcasts, daily television program or incessantly updated blog. But, what we may not legitimately do is call the guy a loafer.

Some may call him a calculating bigot, an alphabet vandal or a thinker fatally unencumbered by thought. Others may describe him as, say, an unsightly symptom of epochal sickness, a stack of turds, or the sort of boy-conservative so failed and over-eager that even Grandpa Hayek couldn’t bring himself to cuddle.

By starting a free trial, you agree to accept Crikey’s terms and conditions I love how he manages to un-ironically call himself both,”Australia’s most widely read columnist” as well as being oppressed for his views. If only he would use his powers for good. Read more from…

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