I am one of the organizers of the AI Driving Olympics at NIPS 2018, in which 6 universities are involved (U. Montréal / MILA, ETH Zürich, Georgia Tech, Tsinghua, NCTU, TTIC), plus 2 industry partners (self-driving car company nuTonomy and Amazon Web Services).

We are excited because this is going to be the first robotic competition at a machine learning conference: you send your code – we run it on our robots. Or, you can get a robot yourself through the Kickstarter run by our non-profit foundation.

AMA in the comments. I am here with students and collaborators /u/stratanis, /u/gzardini, /u/manfred_diaz, /u/afdaniele, /u/duckietown-udem.

I’ve been involved in the organization of the AI-DO and development of the hardware platform that will be used for the competition: Duckietown. I’ll be happy to answer any question!

Learn how to use Duckietown to join the AI Driving Olympics robotics competition at NIPS and ICRA Wow I hope my ala matters get involved. I would love to root for them. Read more from reddit.com…

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