You Wu, chief executive of Pipeguard Robotics, holds the robot he invented, which he calls Daisy. It travels with the flow in water pipes to detect and gather data on water leaks.

(Photo Courtesy Pipeguard Robotics) We hear plenty these days about breakthroughs in green energy, robotics and communications. But as everyday technologies go, water management is virtually invisible to the general public.

One organization that’s working to change that is Imagine H2O, a startup accelerator based in San Francisco. A nonprofit, it provides support to emerging companies working on water problems, helping them find investors and customers.

Every year, Imagine H2O hosts a competition to nurture a class of promising water entrepreneurs. The latest class attracted 206 applicants from 36 countries, each of them seeking to benefit from expert guidance in the water industry and from relationships with investors. In January, the firm selected 13 finalists from this group.

These entrepreneurs now begin a 10-month program that will include introductions with investors and potential customers, mentoring by industry experts, and opportunities to increase their visibility in the industry. At the end of that period, winners will be selected to receive grants of up to $25,000 to help advance their inventions. Read more from…

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