Once thought of as the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence has made steady inroads into the mainstream over the last few years. HR and in particular recruiting are proving to be fertile ground.

But it’s not the type of AI you’ve come to expect from sci-fi classics such as HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” said Shobhit Gupta, business strategy and operations lead for AllyO, a Silicon Valley-based company that specializes in AI for recruiting. “When people think of AI, they think of it as this black box that is independently making decisions and acting on it,” Gupta said in an interview at the 2018 SHRM Conference in Chicago.

“We at AllyO think of it like the Roomba, the friendly vacuum cleaner that frankly does things that no one wants to do and does it well.” The opening reception on the first day of the SHRM 2018 conference. Photo by Anne Ryan Whatever the ultimate application may be, AI for recruiting is big business.

AllyO snagged $14 million from investors in March 2018 to scale up company operations. And Google Hire, the recruiting product launched by the search giant in 2017 as part of its G Suite for work, announced new AI features during the SHRM Conference in Chicago this week.

Despite that growth, AI remains a mystery for some in HR. At AllyO, Gupta said AI in recruiting manifests in three key ways: In sourcing, for example, Gupta said AI can identify patterns in career path data that, when combined with social media data, can identify candidates who may be ready for a career move. Read more from workforce.com…

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