By technology reporter Ariel Bogle The man who co-created Apple’s virtual assistant Siri found the 2013 science fiction film Her a challenge. Given it stars an artificial intelligence named Samantha, it is a little like going to the office.

Adam Cheyer, who has worked on digital assistants for almost 25 years, could not turn off what he calls his “engineering mind”. “There’s no informational content that can be derived from observing a prone human,” Mr Cheyer laughs.

“The only explanation can be emotional love. I don’t know how to do that.

And I threw up my hands.” Mr Cheyer may not be able to engineer emotional love into virtual assistants (yet), but he has played a vital role in bringing the chatty technology to our smartphones.

Shortly after his team offered an early version of Siri on the App Store in 2010, Steve Jobs called, and the product launched on the iPhone in 2011. Mr Cheyer no longer works for Apple, instead working on his own artificial intelligence company Viv Labs, which was bought by Samsung last year. Read more from…

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