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Google Among other things, for a smartphone to be bang on trend these days it needs, a tall 18:9 display with minimum bezels (with a notch thrown in for good measure), a superb camera system and Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning. Taking the AI generalization (General AI) described above let’s narrow it down and pick a specific area that is more relevant for our subject matter – for example, Image recognition, and we’ll call this Narrow AI.

Now, our smartphones didn’t all of a sudden develop the ability to recognize and differentiate between a car and a plate of food overnight. It was taught.

The ability for a smartphone to ‘truly’ learn something new in its purest form, that is, without intervention, is still a ways off. I was part of a team that launched a loyalty card scheme for a major UK retailer, which today has circa 16 Million card holders.

Now imagine the volume of data that we were collecting. A customer database containing all the information that all 16 million provided during the registration process including gender, age, children, address which we only added to overtime.

A transaction database where every item purchased including date, time, store associated with that customer. What insights and intelligence our systems would give us – but the reality was somewhat different. Read more from gsmarena.com…

thumbnail courtesy of gsmarena.com