At the Global Entrepreneurship Community (GEC) 2017 Summit, Sophie Hackford, the Director of WIRED Consulting and Education at Wired Magazine, broke down what this constituted and the emergence of still-developing technology that provokes both fear and awe. “Artificial intelligence is indexing the real world the way Google does the Internet.

They digitalise us and what we are creating by processing our behaviour, listing what we do, and categorising us.” And this could have many ramifications for our daily lives. We already talk to our phones.

It’s easy to implement whatever AI tech in as an additional feature to track and record our movements. Video has also become a sensor.

We can now watch humans from space satellites and note down their actions in their daily lives. With the emergence of drones, this technology is more efficient, recording actions and faces in real-time.

“Faces are but pixels. And pixels can be identified. Read more from…

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