by Tom Krazit on August 11, 2018 at 10:37 amAugust 11, 2018 at 10:39 am When it comes to the breakthroughs that brilliant scientists and engineers are working on in 2018, artificial intelligence technology somehow manages to be both the most promising and most polarizing development of these times. As a collective, Big Tech is throwing billions of dollars at artificial intelligence, which those involved would rather we all call machine learning.

The notion that we can teach computers to learn — to absorb data, recognize patterns, and take action — could have an enormous impact on nearly everything we do with a computer, and pave the way for computers to move into new and game-changing places, such as the self-driving car. This technology still has a long way to go, despite the fact we’ve been talking about it for decades.

But it’s starting to become real, and alongside that progress has come perhaps one of the biggest backlashes against an aspect of the evolution of information technology. With all that in mind, we invited five experts in artificial intelligence to speak at our GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit in June.

Their talks ranged from big-picture visions of what AI can do as well as concerns about its impact, to specific ways that companies are implementing machine learning to solve problems everyone can get behind. This is going to be an important topic for years to come as companies, governments, and citizens debate the parameters of how AI will be used in our lives.

Within the following five videos, you’ll hear informed wisdom about the current state of this market as well as some practical tips for implementing AI within your own company’s products or services. AI relies on data, but things start to get tricky when that data is tightly coupled to the time when it was produced. Read more from…

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