Internet companies need to be more transparent about the technology that runs their networks, especially with the emergence of systems fueled by artificial intelligence, French President Emmanuel Macron said. “We will increase the collective pressure to make these algorithms transparent,” Macron said in an interview with Wired.

“I’m sure that a lot of startups or labs or initiatives which will emerge in the future, will reach out to their customers and say ‘I allow you to better understand the algorithm we use and the bias or non-bias,’” Macron said. “I’m quite sure that’s one of the next waves coming in AI.

I think it will increase the pressure on private players.” Convincing Europeans to

share more data, as well as getting the tech sector to be more open about how that data is used, are key to Macron’s strategy to develop AI at home and catch up to the U.S. and China. Drawing on proposals by mathematician

Cedric Villani, Macron in the final days of March rolled out France’s

AI road map, highlighting the importance of data sharing, even in the face of Europe’s staunchly defended culture of privacy.

Read more: Math ‘Spiderman’ Is Unlikely Warrior in Macron’s Science Battle France aims to develop an AI ecosystem around the mobility, defense, health care and fintech industries, Macron said. He told Wired he’d oppose transforming lethal weapons into autonomous objects that wouldn’t require human intervention.

Paris is gaining ground as a European

hub for AI research with Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc. pledging this year to hire staff and invest in labs. AI is only one of several battles Macron is fighting to position France to deal with

technology disruption. Read more from…

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