When Elon Musk visits a country, it often spurs rumors of talks between his companies, Tesla and SpaceX, and local industries. We saw it happened in Chile a few months ago and now the same thing happens in Israel as the CEO visits the country.

Israel’s business journal Globes is reporting based on unnamed “industry sources” that Musk’s visit in Israel includes a stop at artificial intelligence company Cortica to discuss an investment or even a possible acquisition by Tesla. The company describes itself on its website: “Cortica has developed autonomous AI that simulates the natural processes of the mammal cortex.

Its unsupervised approach to learning mimics the way the brain processes information: enabling machines to learn, collaborate and interact with the world without human input. The technology is backed by more than 200 patents and 10 years of cutting-edge research, and is revolutionizing visual intelligence for a smarter and safer world.” They have been applying their technology to self-driving vehicles and they are reportedly having a great success.

Here’s a video demonstration of their technology: The company is currently looking to partner with automakers to implement their technology inside their vehicles. Even though Tesla has its own AI and computer vision effort for Autopilot, this could also be a possible explanation for the talks between the two companies, but the Globes reports that it has to do with an investment: “The talks between the two companies could develop into financial investment in Cortica, or even an acquisition of the company.

Cortica declined to comment.” The timing is especially interesting after Musk recently left Open AI’s board citing potential conflict with Tesla’s own growing AI effort. According to his Instagram, Musk was in Jerusalem yesterday. Read more from electrek.co…

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