AI and machine learning have come a long way since the Alan Turin first created his famous test. Even in the 1950’s, the idea that machines could one day be so indistinguishable from us that an intelligence test would be needed was presumed.

Since then, advancement after advancement has ensued at an increasingly accelerated pace. For example, in 1952, IBM employee, Arthur Samuels, who first coined the term ‘machine learning’, created the worlds first computer learning program.

He wrote a program which played checkers for the company’s first commercial computer, IBM 701. It got better with the more games it played, exemplifying the first fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

This incredible achievement is what inspired Nobel Prize winner, Herb Simon to make the now infamous prediction, ‘within ten years, a computer will be the world’s chess champion.’ He made that claim in 1958 and it would be 40 years before that prediction came true in the form of IBM chess machine, Deep Blue.

Compare that with the story of Alpha Go and Alpha Go zero. The Chinese board game, Go, is widely considered the worlds most complex game with a near infinite number of possible moves. Read more from…

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