This past week (April 26-28) Beijing hosted the 10th GMIC Beijing Conference. The conference brought together Artificial Intelligence leaders in industry, universities, government and developers.

 Demonstrating the rise and rise of AI there have been thousands of scientific papers published in recent years, patents filed and investments made related to the many applications of AI.   Among the many issues and topics involved with AI development include: •Industrial opportunities and challenges in developing AI •Enhanced data collection, big data analytics/algorithms and ever increasing application to new areas of human activity.

•The introduction and rapid expansion in use of automated cars •Expanding the application of blockchain technology in providing solutions to multiple industries •The role of AI in the biological sciences and breakthroughs in health informatics •The role of AI in enhancing the productivity and intellectual power of humans •Role of humans in interacting with AI products to ensure they are safe •Speech recognition developments to promote universal applications and enhance human-machine interactions •The impact of AI on digital marketing and other business activities •Commercialization challenges and opportunities in relation to •Capturing video and incorporating it in AI applications •Machine and deep learning in the next generation of AI applications •How to better define and control the boundaries on AI systems •Growing movement towards singularity and machines approaching and in an increasing number of areas surpassing human intelligence.  •Capturing the potential of big data analytics while at the same time dealing with challenges of discrimination and prejudice that can occur •Internet of things:  use of AI to help build systems in which various technologies are connected and working together to transform organizations and industries. •The impact of robotics and AI on employment.

  •Geopolitical questions such as regulation across national borders, impact on security, cyber warfare and so on •Challenge of regulation so that AI advances promote industry advancement and at the same time protect important human values such as privacy. •Leadership: the need for leaders in industry, government, education and other areas who understand the importance and implications of AI.

The growth and future promise of AI are especially important to China and the US, the two leading nations in AI development.  AI development is earmarked as one of the industries where China is and wants to remain a world leader. Read more from…

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