Big data has been a game changer for organizations across industries and revenue size. Big data helps companies to process data of great complexity and size at a speed and accuracy that helps in making better decision.

If a company has to sift and sort through some millions of records to pick out that one faulty record that the auditor is asking for, then big data technology can help it index and search through those legacy records in record time. There are many more scenarios where big data can propel a company’s success and help it make its processes smoother and more efficient.

The following big data tools are in great use today and each of them offer a specific niche advantage to the firm using it. Apache Kafka is a tool that allows you to handle large volumes of rapid data with a relatively modest set of hardware.

It is used to create the subscription based messaging functionality that allows asynchronous messaging to work on the basis of large amounts of data. It can process many events per day (LinkedIn has reported Kafka to be ingesting 1 trillion events a day!) and process this data.

It can generate messages for parallel consumption in a fault-tolerant manner. Kafka is extremely beneficial to organizations who want to maintain large messaging channels without having the expensive hardware to do it. Read more from…

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