Continuing our theme of collecting and sharing the top machine learning GitHub repositories every month, the February edition is fresh off the shelves ready for you! GitHub repositories are one of the easiest and best things for all the people working in data science to keep ourselves updated with the latest developments and projects.

It’s also an awesome collaboration tool where we can connect with other like minded data scientists on various projects. Without any further ado, let’s dive into this month’s list.

This is part of a series from Analytics Vidhya that will run every month. You can check out the top 5 repositories that we picked out in January here. FastPhotoStyle is a python library developed by NVIDIA.

The model takes a content photo and a style photo as inputs. It then transfers the style of the style photo to the content photo. The developers have cited two examples to show how the algorithm works.

The first is a very simple iteration – you download a content and a style image, re-size them, and then simply run the photorealistic image stylization code. In the second example, semantic label maps are used to create the stylized image. Read more from…

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