Much of the conversation about tech in the workplace centers on jobs that will be replaced by AI, as well as the technology’s impending effects on workplace dynamics. Without question, this is a revolution in the making, and some businesses will thrive within it while some get left behind.

However, let’s not forget that this cutting-edge tech is still not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are some tasks that artificial intelligence excels at, and others that the technology will not be able to effectively complete for decades, or even centuries.

There’s no shortage of intriguing toys and tools that promise to futurize your office, but the real changes will come from implementing AI to augment and even replace human workers in a number of tasks. As a subject of real concern and controversy, it’s important for executives to know just how necessary AI implementation could be for their businesses to avoid jumping the gun and needlessly reducing human jobs.

Of all the common functions of business, customer service has the widest implementation of AI in everyday use. Chatbots capable of providing 24/7 support are at the ready for front-facing services.

These bots are essentially highly sophisticated document retrieval software that promises to make hold periods a thing of the past. If your company deals with a high volume of customer calls, especially if those calls often end up requiring similar solutions, bots could prove incredibly valuable. Read more from…

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