We’re excited to update the AWS Deep Learning AMIs with significantly faster training on NVIDIA Tesla V100 “Volta” GPUs across many frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, and the latest Apache MXNet 1.0 release. There are two main flavors of the AMIs available today.

The Conda-based AWS Deep Learning AMI packages the latest point releases of popular frameworks (along with pre-configured CUDA, notebook and supporting libraries), inside Conda-based virtual environments. It’s recommended for all developers.

The Deep Learning AMI with Source Code is the right choice if you want to make changes to the underlying frameworks, or are comfortable on the bleeding edge. We make custom, optimized builds available on this AMI.

You’ll find a lot of advanced features and performance improvements here; test your code first before moving into production with these. The new AMIs with Source Code include a customized, updated build of TensorFlow which takes advantage of the mixed-precision training and inference on V100 GPUs available in P3 instances on EC2. Read more from aws.amazon.com…

thumbnail courtesy of amazon.com