Introducing the all-new Voice Dictation v2.0, a speech recognition app that lets you type with your voice. There’s no software to install, there’s no training required and all you need is Google Chrome on your Windows PC, Mac OS or Linux.

Dictation can recognize spoken words in English, Hindi, Español, Italiano, Deutsch, Français, and all the other popular languages. Another unique feature of Dictation is support for voice commands that let you do more with your voice.

For instance, you can say a command like new line or nueva línea for inserting lines. You can add punctuations, special symbols and even smileys using simple commands in most languages.

This YouTube video will walk you through the Dictation app. Dictation stores everything in your browser locally and not a byte of your data is uploaded anywhere.

 Speech recognition will be more accurate in a quiet environment and the built-in microphone of your computer should be good enough. Open in Google Chrome and choose your native language from the drop-down. Read more from…

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