Google’s new ad tools, enhanced by artificial intelligence technology, are receiving positive reviews from marketers, as well as from Wall Street analysts. On Tuesday, Google provided details about the new formats that will roll out in coming months.

These new ad formats are designed to offer more automation in respect to ad creation and measuring the effectiveness of those ads. They also will make it easier for advertisers to launch campaigns across Google’s properties, including YouTube and Google Maps.

Google is due to report earnings for the second quarter on July 23 following the bell, and the new tools certainly aren’t going to hurt the company’s chances to top the $21.4 billion in ad sales it posted last quarter. “Overall, we view the combination of continuous improvement, culture of innovation, and superior engineering capabilities as supportive of our positive view on Alphabet shares,” wrote Colin Sebastian, senior research analyst for Baird Equity Research.

AI is finding its way into more and more of Google’s businesses. The company has labored for years on developing the tech and it appears it is now preparing to reap some benefits.

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