The balance of power in the tech landscape is shifting towards artificial intelligence with IT bellwethers baking AI into existing products. But what’s more crucial to the future of businesses is an AI workforce.

And this starts with training the brains behind the business and setting up online program to help employees explore new roles. While many programmers can code, they are not yet versed in machine learning.

Despite the hype in the IT industry, and startups working in this space, developers or freshers aren’t sure how to get started in the field of AI. Entrepreneur and product enthusiast Shival Gupta gave an interesting perspective on this – the relevance of a full stack developer will not be enough in the changing scenario and in the next two years, full stack will not be full stack without AI skills.

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Shival Gupta shared his experience of getting started with learning AI and emphasized how it is important to familiarize oneself with basic AI terms and approaches. Read more from…

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