In 2020, NASA will send a life-seeking mission to Mars — and Artificial Intelligence will be guiding the way. At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, scientists are developing a fleet of autonomous robots to travel 33 million miles in search of life on one of Earth’s closest neighboring planets.

The mission’s ultimate goal is to one day establish a colony in which humans can survive in Mars’s 96% carbon dioxide atmosphere. But, for now, 2,000-pound AI-enabled robots will be making the trip, car-sized rovers using advanced algorithms to conduct science experiments on their own, searching for micro-biotic life amid the swirling dust devils of the red planet.

In the past, NASA research has yielded life-changing technology from LEDs to radial tires to artificial limbs, but the Mars 2020 mission is impacting mankind in a more profound way — AI touching everything from cars to healthcare to how we do business, giving humans incredible new tools to change the world. “People say ‘robot’ but I like the word ‘co-bot’,” says David Moschella, a researcher at the Leading Edge Forum, a think-tank sponsored by DXC Technology, one of the companies working with NASA.

“This combination of human and machine intelligence is the most powerful way to do things — and will apply to many fields today.” NASA’s work is part of a technological revolution sweeping the way we live and do business — and robots are only the beginning. From AI to everyday objects becoming smart devices to the cyber security underpinning everything, technology is reshaping global enterprise, creating millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in growth.

This 21st century breakthrough is fueled by four innovations — the Internet of Things, AI, cloud-enabled offices and security that can quickly adapt to thwart hackers — but the real key is human ingenuity, the willingness to forge the future in an ever-changing world. From Amazon to AT&T to DXC Technology, visionaries are interconnecting our lives with software and machines to make commerce seamless — reshaping business while ensuring it remains safeguarded and built to last. Read more from…

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