One of the hardest, as well as most underestimated, aspects of building a company is having to overcome and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. As we enter the new year, startups, both big and small, must find ways to filter through a flood of emerging technologies to best cater to an evolving set of customer preferences.

While there are a number of trends that show significant promise, there are a few that stick out with particularly high potential. Here are four technologies that are poised to impact every startup in 2018.

At a high level, machine learning is an implementation of artificial intelligence that enables “systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.” This is a foundational piece of technology that will likely empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Startups are just now beginning to find unique and clever ways to leverage these intelligent machine learning models in order to abstract key insights from their data sets and automate processes. Furthermore, given the recent influx of ML/AI engineers, machine-learning algorithms are quickly becoming radically more efficient and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

In other words, every startup will, sooner rather than later, have access to this powerful technology. ML is already being used in a variety of different ways.

Key tenets of frontier technologies, like autonomous vehicles, are predicated on the advancements of machine learning. Companies like Apple and Facebook are implementing machine learning at scale to train neural nets and build intelligent prediction models. Read more from…

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