Last Update : 11:36 AM IST Cryptocurrency and Blockchain — the buzz words in the economy globally, are unique technologies disrupting the various sectors. Banks, financial institutions and many others are adopting blockchain technology faster than anticipated.

Globally, this technology is widely accepted but in India it is still at nascent stage. Blockchain startups have started picking momentum in India and addressing various issues with the help of blockchain technology.

Here is a compiled a list of some interesting startups in this space in India. SpringRole: SpringRole is the first professional reputation network powered by AI and blockchain to eliminate fraud from user profiles.

Because SpringRole is built on blockchain and uses smart contracts, it’s able to verify work experience and reputation, give real meaning to endorsements, reward endorsers, and get users endorsements outside of their network. SpringRole is the first portfolio company from Science Blockchain, the blockchain-focused incubator from Science Inc. SpringRole was started in 2014 in California, USA.

It opened another office in Bangalore in the year 2015. Read more from…

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