Ilusory superiority refers to the propensity of humans to overestimate themselves when compared to others. Take for example the survey they did of Stanford MBAs, of which 87% rated their academic performance as above the median. While that sort of ignorance can be expected from people with MBAs, it’s actually a far more widespread problem.

The truth that nobody wants to hear, is that there are a lot of dumb people out there. That’s why the Sakawa Boys in Ghana are thriving and becoming even more sophisticated. We’ve seen recent cases of older white dudes from Ghana, talking to wealthy older ladies in Asia, shortly after which comes the “I have a $4 million inheritance to send you” proposal: White dude in Ghana chatting with a female mark – Source Nanalyze Maybe its just true love and the inheritance is real, but we’re not convinced.

Founded in late 2017, San Francisco startup Harbor has taken in $38 million in funding from notable investors like Andreesen Horowitz and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund which served as lead investor. All that money is being put to use developing a platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain to standardize the way securities are traded on the blockchain.

The platform will automatically enforce any present security regulations like “accredited investor status” or “anti money laundering” and can easily handle the additional regulations coming down the pipeline as the SEC continues to crackdown on ICOs. While the platform could support all kinds of obscure assets like fine art, the initial focus will be on real estate.

Then there’s Prometheum, a startup that’s “creating the world’s first blockchain ecosystem for the fully compliant issuance trading, clearing & settling of tokenized securities”, but there’s one thing that makes them entirely different from Harbor. You see, Prometheum is ironically raising their money from an ICO. Read more from…

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