Blockchain Education Network Vietnam recently held an event titled “Building a Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem with Blockchain”. The title alone has three of my favorite things in it, so when a client of mine asked me if I could put together a little hardware demonstration for the event, I jumped at the opportunity.

I also thought I’d take a moment to write about it, because I haven’t seen much coverage of emerging technology events in the developing world, and the fact is that there’s a consistently high level of interest. I’ve yet to go to an event that wasn’t filled to capacity, and I hope to share some of that enthusiasm with you.

As it turns out, the event took place sequentially in two locations: once in Australia, and again in Vietnam. I attended the Vietnam event, and it seemed to focus more on robotics and blockchain than AI. The talks were high level but introductory, with the focus on what problems companies are trying to tackle with blockchain rather than the technical aspects of programming with blockchain.

If the event had one fault, it was that it didn’t have enough about the underlying technology, but that’s to be expected as blockchain is a very new concept here in Vietnam. On the other hand, the community was actually there for blockchain itself – not a single person asked me about cryptocurrencies which was refreshing.

I don’t have anything against cryptocurrencies, but I am tired of taking over every conversation about blockchain. This crowd is excited to learn more about the new technology and how to apply the concepts beyond the currency applications we’ve already seen. Read more from…

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