Related: 6 Tips for Building a Strong Support Network from Unlikely Sources Related: 5 Unorthodox Networking Tips Blockchain as a tool for good is still in its infancy, yet its impact is projected to be felt in 2019. According to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, 34 percent [of blockchain initiatives] were started in 2017 or later, and 74 percent are still in the pilot or idea stage.

But 55 percent of social-good blockchain initiatives are estimated to impact their beneficiaries by early 2019. Of the 193 solutions that Stanford studied as part of their research, 25, or 13 percent, were geared toward financial inclusion.

This application is one of the most mature among all blockchain social impact solutions. Of the 25, 68 percent are targeting reaching more than 1 million people.

These numbers hold great promise for using blockchain for gender equity. To move forward with using blockchain for gender equity, we must make a concerted effort to increase the representation of women in the ranks of blockchain, particularly in startups with a social and financial impact.

We should encourage organizations working to bring more women into technology, such as Women Who Code, Latinas in Tech, Black Tech Women and Lesbians Who Tech, to join together with their sisters in finance, such as Financial Women’s Association, Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance and Women in Finance Association. Together, we can spur a wave of blockchain solutions with the express purpose of the economic empowerment of women.Let’s not forget that closing the economic gender equity gap expands the economic pie for all. Read more from…

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