Every new ICO on the block seems to be the cause for a storm of divided opinions, colorful language and drama. The cryptocurrency community is brimming with feedback, in general, with just about everyone pitching in with their two cents.

The internet has opened up the floodgates for feedback on anything and everything. From the local hamburger joint to an electric toothbrush—if it exists, you can probably find a review on it.

Revain is planning a reform of the Wild West reviews industry with its blockchain-based feedback platform. While Revain has remained relatively dormant in the markets since its November exchange listing, it started a bull run at the end of January, roaring all the way up to $2.70 per token (up more than 30 times its initial price of $0.08).

Revain is a Russian start-up bringing the unalterable power of blockchain and the efficiency of AI technology to the reviews market. With Revain, legitimate, genuine reviews are the name of the game—rewarding users and businesses alike for proper conduct.

The platform uses IBM’s artificial intelligence to automatically screen and filter out fake and poor-quality reviews, and then safeguard them on Ethereum’s immutable blockchain (where they cannot be altered). In early iterations of Revain’s platform, reviews on Revain are limited to successfully completed ICO and crowdfunding cryptocurrency projects. Read more from cryptoslate.com…

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